Plants contribute to the distinct style and feel the interior specialists try to convey in their designs. Like other types of décor, they can significantly alter the look and feel of the on-board space.

Plants come in many sorts, sizes, shapes, variations, and colors. They will complement and enhance the areas on-board the cruise ship. Over the years incorporating organic aspects into indoor areas has gained popularity. Without a doubt, foliage is a perfect way to bring a natural outdoor feeling indoors.

Since foliage has the ability to blend in seamlessly it makes the ideal décor element. Guests perceive hotels with live, well-cared-for plants as more welcoming, relaxed, and upscale. Not only do greens, like flowers, add character and atmosphere, but they also improve air quality and reduce dust.

Buxus in pot on cruise deck
tall plant in grey pot
Large plants in a restaurant onboard a cruise ship

Common and Hydro-culture

Common green flora, such as (table) plants and palm trees of all sizes, are available through Dianthus all year-round. As well as hydro-culture green plants, which grow on specially-made clay stones. Besides the common greens, we can supply a large variety of flowering greens. In particular the various types of Phalaenopsis Orchids are popular on cruise ships. Especially since they create a distinguished and luxurious atmosphere onboard the ship.

Mummified Plants

Mummified greens are often used in dark or dry locations. These plants consist of special processed stems and dried leaves. They resemble the authentic plants for almost 100 percent, don’t need any treatment at all, and are long-lasting.

Besides the flora, we offer an array of special pots in any color, shape, or style. Years of experience shows us that the right pot can add enormous value to the foliage and the area it’s in. We can supply pots and plants individually or completely planted. Also, if necessary we can install them on board the cruise ship at the desired location.

Feel free to contact us for all options and any questions you might have.

plants in black pot on cruise deck
Palm trees in the pool area on a cruise ship
plants in white pot at swimming deck