Newbuild Ships

Coordinating pots, flowers, and plants in the various lounges, restaurants, and suites to complement the interior of newbuild ships.

Long before the ship’s first sailing Dianthus International is available for consultation. At first it will be with the person or team who represents the ship’s management or with the interior architect. Based upon a blueprint and/or furnish photographs provided by the ship or the design team, we can suggest the most appropriate pots and plants for the specific locations.

Dry Dock

When the ship reaches the stage where it is under construction, we prefer to visit the shipyard. Once we get a first-hand view of the decor, color schemes, etc. we can make sure the chosen pots and plants will match.

We can supply pots and plants individually or completely planted. In case it is necessary our team can also install them on board for you on the desired various locations.

Our floral arrangements are carefully constructed to complement the style of the rooms and areas which they will inhabit. This goes down to the consideration of the materials utilized in the interior design of newbuild ships.

Westerdam inauguration preperations
Hanging flower and greenery garland
Inauguration of the Westerdam cruise ship


Christenings, charters, and grand world voyages are part of the Dianthus’ success. In fact, we have been creating the floral decor for the inaugurations of cruise ships for over many years. In close cooperation with the responsible person or team, we will develop the perfect setup for the ship.

There are many creative ways to add flowers to your cruise event. With our flower arrangements and bouquets, you will have a dream inauguration. Whether you plan an intimate ceremony with delicate Florals or a big and festive event. Dianthus International is here to make it come true.

Floating red flower arrangements on pool deck
Cruise Ship Inauguration Flowers on tables
Pool of a newbuild ship decorated with flowers

Dianthus International has been part of many inaugurations that involved well-known public figures. For example, we have designed for Oprah Winfrey and her cruises on Holland America Line. Also, we created florals for many cruise inaugurations with the Dutch Royal Family. All in all, Dianthus knows how to take on the floral aspects of important events. Now it is time for us to design for you.

Feel free to contact us for all possibilities with newbuild ships and any questions you might have.