Cruise Charters

Reflecting the tone of special days or themes in flower arrangements, in order to create the perfect ambiance on your cruise charter.

Cruise charters distinguish from regular cruises as they have their own private public and theme. This requires a unique approach to create the desired ambiance onboard. As renowned Floral experts, Dianthus has experienced that flower designs can enhance the beauty of a private charter. Discover our floral masterpieces to impress and indulge your guests.

tall flower arrangement with wood and flowers

In close cooperation with you and/or your customer, Dianthus can provide flowersplants, and flower arrangements. Whereas we are able to create a range of color combinations, heights, widths, and shapes. In order to create the preferred ambiance of your cruise charter, we reflect the tone of special days or themes in the florals and settings.

Complete Service

By carefully choosing carriers, wholesalers, and florists, Dianthus assures that it is in control of the complete supply chain. As a result, our team is available to design Floral masterpieces to suit your desires and needs. We can ship ready-made flower arrangements to any port of the world.

champagne glasses with roses
Flower Frame for Cruise Charter

Onboard Florist

If desired, our professional designers can get on board the vessel to arrange and care for the fresh flower arrangements. Additionally, if wanted, they can sail along during your chartered cruise. By doing so they can conduct workshops and demonstrations to inspire your passengers.

As flower decorators, we are here to give direction and manage every flower aspect of your event.

In other words, we help with inspiration to achieve your vision and produce every flower detail of the cruise charter. Unquestionably, it is our passion to supply and create beautiful arrangements that suit your event.

Pink and purple flower arrangement for cruise charter

Our flower designers understand how to manage large spaces, styles, and how to create distinctive themes. Feel free to contact us for all options and any questions you might have.