Our Work

A brief overview of our portfolio over the years, featuring interior design for new ships, inauguration planning, and enhancements for luxury liners.

tall pink and purple flower arrangements on a cruise ship
Tall flower frame with red flowers in the atrium
Orange flowers in front of Ocean bar
Flower arrangement in suite
Pink orchid on table
Pink and purple flower arrangement on desk
Flowers in white vases
Flower arrangement on counter
Colorful flower arrangement on cruise ship
Flower arrangement in a bowl
Red flowers in vases
Colorful flowers in glass vases
Pink and purple flower arrangement for cruise charter
White flower in bathroom
Hanging flower and greenery garland
Palm trees in the pool area on a cruise ship
Inside pool area on a cruise ship
plants in white pot at swimming deck
plants in black pot on cruise deck
tall plants in silver pot
plant in black pot
Palm tree in pot on cruise deck
Buxus in pot on cruise deck
Purple arrangement in whine cellar
White flower arrangement
Tall flower arrangement

Let us Assist You

As seasoned floral experts, we’re delighted to help you elevate your on board environment. Feel free to reach out to us by phone or leave a message, and we’ll get back to you promptly.