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Unlock the Key to Enriching Your Onboard Environment

The importance of delivering an outstanding onboard environment is widely acknowledged in the cruise industy. Flowers and plants are a crucial component in achieving this. At Dianthus International, we believe that these natural elements not only infuse captivating beauty and vibrant colors into interior and exterior spaces but also offer a calming and relaxing ambiance. Beyond aesthetics, they purify the air, improving indoor air quality and reducing stress levels for your passengers. A strategic investment in floral and botanical décor is a testament to your commitment to passenger satisfaction and an indispensable factor in creating a world-class cruising experience that will set your fleet apart.

Jan and Truus Kornman

Your Full-Sevice Partner in the Cruise Industry

Dianthus International, a family-owned enterprise, has its roots in Amsterdam, Holland, with a history spanning more than two decades. Our journey began with a fortuitous visit to Amsterdam by a cruise liner in need of floral arrangements. Today, we serve a global clientele, providing our services to more than 40 ships across the world, operating from our offices in both The Netherlands and Miami.”

White flowers on desk cruise ship

Fresh Flowers

Require fresh flowers on board your vessel? Dianthus International is ready to swiftly arrange a flight to transport the flowers to your designated port. We are dedicated to overseeing every aspect of the flowers’ journey, from procurement to their care on board.

Plants on Board

Bringing plants on board doesn’t just enhance charm and atmosphere; it’s also essential for air purification and dust reduction. We offer tailored plant solutions for both interior and exterior areas, handling everything from transportation to placement and maintenance. All in accordance with your style and preferences.

Large plants in a restaurant onboard a cruise ship
Artificial plants on a cruise ship deck

Artificial Flowers & Plants

Unquestionably, artificial flowers and plants offer long-lasting beauty while demanding minimal maintenance. Our specialization lies in sourcing top-notch artificial products worldwide, allowing us to provide tailored artificial floral and foliage services. If desired, we can also provide these products with pots and install them on board. 

Services on Board

Caring for onboard flowers and plants, as well as designing your ship’s interior, can be challenging. We offer assistance by supplying an onboard florist, crafting unique floral arrangements, and providing support with the interior planning of your new ship. 

Westerdam inauguration preperations

Kind Words from Our Partners

I have the pleasure of working with Dianthus for more than a decade. During this time, I have regularly engaged with them concerning premium flower supplies around the globe. During my career across Holland America Line, Oceania Cruise and Seabourn, I have found Dianthus to consistently exceed expectations and be a much valued business partner and support service to both our supply change and guest experience.
Marc Thompson
As a captain with holland America line, I had the pleasure of working with Dianthus for getting flowers and Christmas decorations on board. What impressed me the most, besides the quality of the flowers and the professionalism of their staff, was the creativity of their management to find solutions for bureaucracy matters in certain countries or airlines messing up the delivery. They really put a 1000% effort into making things happen.
Peter Bos
Holland America Line

Let Us Assist You

As seasoned floral experts, we’re delighted to help you elevate your on board environment. Feel free to reach out to us by phone or leave a message, and we’ll get back to you promptly.