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Emerged from a serendipitous visit to Amsterdam by a cruise liner urgently seeking floral arrangements.

Succesfully Servicing Cruise Liners for Over 22 Years

Dianthus International, a family-owned enterprise, was established more than two decades ago in Amsterdam, Holland. Since then, we have flourished in our mission to provide cruise liners with fresh flowers, plants, on board design, and exceptional care. Today, we proudly supply a diverse fleet of over 40 ships worldwide, including renowned Cruise Lines like Holland America Line, Oceania Cruises, and SilverseaWith our sustained growth and global presence, we expanded our operations with a main supplier in MiamiThis strategic addition offers convenience and enhanced service capabilities, catering to our North American and Caribbean-based clientele.

Dianthus florist making flower arrangements
Florist holding a purple bouquet

How We Operate at Dianthus

From our base in The Netherlands, the dedicated Dianthus team oversees the handling of flowers, floral arrangements, plants, transportation, and onboard care for cruise ships. Central to delivering this service, is maintaining close, personal connections with our partners. Regular ship visits play a major role in nurturing these relationships. Additionally, we carefully choose our transporters, agents, flower wholesalers, and florists. This hands-on approach, with frequent ship visits, enables us to make thoughtful choices regarding the flowers and plants that best complement the ship’s interior.

One day, a shipping agent asked me to deliver flowers on board a cruise ship in the port of Amsterdam. I delivered the flowers, and the shipping agent placed two more orders. At that point, I told the food and beverage manager that if he wanted flowers in other countries, I could arrange for that too. That’s how we began furnishing bouquets, green plants, and various additional requests to other countries.

- Jan Kornman


Introducing the Dianthus team

Jan and Truus Kornman, founders and Master Florists of Dianthus International, lead our dedicated team. Behind the scenes, our office in The Netherlands is the hub of our supply chain operations. Meanwhile, our (onboard) florists are entrusted with crafting and maintaining the floral arrangements and plants. It’s through this seamless collaboration that we bring our floral vision to life.

Jan and Truus Kornman
Jan & Truus Kornman


Dianthus creative director Walter Vermeulen
Walter Vermeulen

Creative Director

Let Us Assist You

As seasoned floral experts, we’re delighted to help you elevate your on board environment. Feel free to reach out to us by phone or leave a message, and we’ll get back to you promptly.