Welcome to Dianthus International

Dianthus International (the family name of a carnation) is a family-owned floral business located in Beverwijk (near Amsterdam) in the Netherlands, which focuses on supplying:

- cruise ships with flowers world wide;
- floral arrangements;
- common and difficult-to-find green plants;
- mummified plants;
- hydro-cultural green plants;

to luxury passenger cruise ships.

“I have always been interested in nature, and I have always liked nature”, Jan explains. “I like flowers and I like business, so it’s a natural that I would be the owner of a flower shop one day”.
But what Jan didn’t know was that he would expand his customer base to inlude cruise ships.

“One day a shipping agent asked me to deliver flowers on board a cruise ship in the port of Amsterdam.
I delivered the flowers, and the shipping agent placed two more orders with me”, Jan recalls.
“At that point I told the food and beverage manager that if he wanted flowers in other countries, I could arrange for that, too. That’s how we began furnishing bouquets, green plants, and various additional requests to other countries”.

These clients know when they order from Dianthus International, they get more value for their money.